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Amtrak employees protest food service cuts.

Remember the days when flying in an airliner didn't feel like being packed into a cattle car? Hot meals were served to all passengers at no extra charge. Now, you're lucky if they toss a small bag of pretzels your way. Ah, but you could still get a hot, prepared meal on an Amtrak train. Well, it seems you could until former Delta Airlines executive Richard Anderson became president of Amtrak. Now, proposed cuts in food service may eliminate as many as 1700 food service positions. Amtrak states that to date, any chefs who lost their jobs and applied for a different position on the railroad got one. But what if 1700 positions are eliminated? Could Amtrak absorb that many jobs? John Feltz, the railroad division director for the Transport Workers Union of America says that there's no way they could absorb them.

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