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Negotiations Update: We say "No!" to the carriers greed!

The BMWED/SMART-Mechanical bargaining group met with the National Carriers Conference Committee (NCCC) for mediation on August 2 & 3. Their latest offer goes further backwards from the last meeting - including no "retro pay," only $10,162 in increases over the course of the five-year contract, and health insurance concessions that would increase family deductibles to $1400 and family out-of-pocket mazimum payments to $6000 in each calendar year.

Our union negotiator stood tall and responed with a fair proposal that includes retro pay, an average increase in pay of $30,703 per member over the five-year contract, and no changes to health insurance except a $25 increase in the emergency room co-pay. We also proposed better dental and vision coverage, as well as more paid time off. The carriers have more than enough money to afford our proposal!

Below is a chart comparing our Union proposal to NCCC's. To compare both proposals on contracting out, vacation and other issues, go to

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