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Engineering Unions and Amtrak Engineering Employees tell Amtrak CEO to re-implement the 2000 Close Call Policy

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NESF-BMWED and NYS&W Have Ratified Their Tentative Agreement

New contract was signed June 30th.

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BMWED Director of Safety comments regarding the final ruling from the FRA relating to "critical stress incidents" and the treatment of our members/employees who are involved in one.

"Union Verses Union?" A message from your webmaster.

The newsaper headline reads, "Pilgram Pipeline Plans Receive Union Backing" (The Record, 10/8/15) and it goes on to state that a group of local New Jersey trade unions have announced their support of a products pipeline that, according to Pilgram Pipeline LLC, "could bring up to 2000 temporary construction jobs." Pilgram plans to transport crude oil south to refineries and gasoline back north. They boast that their much-disputed pipeline plan can eliminate fuel barges on the Hudson River and the (much protested by local residents) oil trains on the CSX River Line.

Now, I'm not going to debate whether, as has been suggested, pipelines are safer than barges or trains. All three forms of transportation carry inherent risks.

What I DO take exception to is eight construction unions preferring a project that "COULD bring UP TO 2000 TEMPORARY construction jobs" over the many permanent, already-existing union railroad and barge-worker jobs -careers, really- that could potentially be eliminated. Nowhere in the article does it state that these jobs will be locally sourced and more importantly, nowhere does it guarentee that they will be UNION jobs. Trade careers for temporary jobs? To me, that just isn't right.

Glenn Oleksak


     "Of all the forms of inequality, 
        injustice in health care is the most shocking and inhumane."
                                     Dr Martin Luther King, Jr.